Daily Programming Schedule:

8am-10am Harmony Baptist Church (Monday-Wednesday)

5pm - 7pm The Andrews Burnett Show  (Monday-Friday)


Mondays 5-5:30pm: Inspiration Radio w/ Rob Lowe

Mondays 6-7pm: (Time slot open for broadcast)

Fridays 5-7pm: Friday Gospel Jubilee with Capt. Jerry

Saturdays 8-9am: Homecoming Radio

Saturdays 9-9:30pm: Inspiration Radio w/ Rob Lowe (Replay)

Saturdays 12:00pm - The Gospel Fest Hour with Shawn Degenhart

Sundays 6-8am: Worship with Andy Chrisman

Sundays 12-1pm: Lifesong Radio (Weekly Bible Study)

Sundays 1-2pm: Homecoming Radio (Replay)

Sundays 2-3pm: Christian Outlook

Sundays: 6-7pm: Lifesong Radio (Replay)

Sundays: 7-8pm: Christian Outlook (Replay)


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